Charging iPhone Burns Woman's Breast

A former warehouse worker, Dionne Baxter from Purfleet in Exxes has suffered first degree burns after her overheated charging iPhone melted on her breast as she slept.

According to reports, the 24-year-old mother of one was left with serious infection from a painful inch burn and there's fear that she might be unable to breast feed again should she have another child.

UK's DailyMail reports that she fell asleep lying across her charging iPhone 4 but woke up in agony the next day with a five inch burn on her breast.

Ms Baxter was rushed to hospital where doctors attempted to treat the wound with antibiotic cream and painkillers.

In an interview with The Sun, Ms Baxter revealed that, "I sleep in the nude and this large red mark was all down one side to the nipple. When I touched the phone, it was so hot I couldn't pick it up".

Ms Baxter, whose wound is now infected, fears not only that she may not be able to breast feed a second child should she have one, but she adds:
'It's dreadful... Imagine if my daughter had been on that side of the bed and it had burned her face.'

Apple has reportedly declined to comment when approached by MailOnline.
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