What this crazy but creative mum did to make her daughter take 2nd position in class

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    Na waohh! Some mums are crazysha. I got this mail today and I was both surprised and impressed. Thought I should share what this mum did because of her daughter’spoor result and how she made her child move from 20th in class to 2nd position! You won’t believe her shocking approach!

My daughter was a proper OLODO!! I’m not like many parents that shy away from problems concerning their children, I don’t think that helps so I face them head on. I’m a working class mum living in Lekki, I have 3 kids and an ever demanding husband. My daughter is the eldest so when I started noticing her academic problems I didn’t answer her, I simply hoped they would pass. Truth is I didn’t have her time until she got to primary 4, that is when this girl gave me better disgrace in public.
Here’s what happened ohh! I went with my daughter for a party of one my secondary school classmates that always praised me for being a brainy and carrying first. While we were there, my daughter and I met many of my old friends, my daughter has a very unique name and they said loved her name, that’s how one bad belle inside asked her to spell her name. My daughter couldn’t spell her name! Her own name at age 8! My heart cut!
I resulted to beating oh! Better beating! For every word she couldn’t spell I would give her a stroke. After 1 week I was the one taking painkillers for my arm, so I stopped beating her and said no more tv, instead I would lock her up in my room to read. She started to retreat and get depressed. So I told her to start doing press up! When she comes home and I see 0 in her note she will do 10 press-ups. Nothing worked!
Then a friend gave me this number 01-2913970, she told me, they are education consultants and tutors and she had heard very good things about them. I forgot about it until I heard of them here on my Lindaikeji. So I got a tutor on the islandfrom Prepclassat the beginning of the new school term (this was 3rd term in April this year) and told them I want a very good tutor and if my daughter doesn’t pass I will fire the tutor immediately.
The tutor was unbelievably good. She didn’t know I used to spy on them from the kitchen window. After the second week my daughter started to improve, it was like magic. I was paying only N50,000 for this magic oh, the tutor would visit my home 3 times a week and spend 2 hours or more with my daughter. When the results came out, my olodo daughter took 2nd in the class, I called the Prepclass tutor aside and asked her how she did this miracle, even my daughter’s school teacher’s where shocked.
The tutor told me my daughter was not actually dull she just needed someone to provide her with support,she wanted attention whether good or bad. When she started getting 100% attention, 1 on 1 from her tutor, she wanted to do more to get that kind of attention. The tutor showed her that she couldget it by being a very good student and after that everything changed. The Prepclass tutor practically changed my daughter’s life in less than 4 months. I realize the power of getting a teacher to help your child personally and it goes beyond just academics. Prepclass tutors are simply superb, what my daughter got was a teacher and a mentor not just a teacher

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