Social media and the rise of the dumb ones

From Liking RIP updates to asking the same dumb question already asked a dozen times

by previous posters, It's now here....It’s no longer the future....

The Age Of The Dumb Ones... Is Here at last.

For seen by the Sages, who for ages tried to keep this Darkness away, by  relegating the Dumb ones to the dungeon of servitude... to be seen but never heard....

Now the tables have turned...Thanks to Social Media.

The Dumb ones are fighting back....Time to oppress the oppressor....Time to pay them back in their own coin!

Time to confuse them with overly simple speech as they confused the 'Dumb Ones' with complicated ones...Using half a page to convey a message that can be done in a few letters?

"LWKMD, ROTFL, LOL's", You don't get it? Then Dude you DUMB.

Shout out to the Generals of Dumbness of this age...

The Vicos.... who proved you do not need to adhere to the stifling rule of keys, to make a "Hit" song.

To the Maheedas... Leaders of thousands of followers, who do not have to utter a single speech.

To the K,K,Ks'...who showed us you only need a sex tape to become a celebrity.

The Age of the Dumb Ones is here....It's wise to be Dumb!

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