5 Similarities Between ISIS And Boko Haram

The names “Boko Haram” and “ISIS” have almost become synonymous with death in West Africa and the Middle East.

Boko Haram has unleashed a wave of terror in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad while The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has shaken the world to its core with the amount of devastation that it has caused.

ISIS is again a topic of discussion after a member of the group beheaded American journalist, Steven Sotloff on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 and sent out a video for the world to see.

Meanwhile Boko Haram is reported to have taken over the second largest town in Borno amidst claims that a takeover of Maiduguri, the capital, is next on their list.

Here are 5 things that both dreaded groups have in common:
  1. Both groups claim to be working for Allah, the Muslim name for God.
  2. They force adherents of other religions to convert to Islam or face execution.
  3. Both ISIS and Boko Haram have overrun communities and claimed territory as theirs leaving destruction in their wake.
  4. The terrorist groups have gone on a murderous rampage in their respective vicinities, killing women, children and even their fellow Muslims.
  5. Both groups are very wealthy and are receiving massive funding from unknown sources which allows them to purchase deadly state of the art weapons to carry out their attacks.
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