14yrs old kill grandparents to run off with their money

A 14-year-old boy Justin Staton shot and killed his grandparents during a robbery and murder scheme concocted with his close friend Hunter Drexler, 17yrs, so that he could 'share and run off with their money. Estimate of $50,000 to $90,000.

The hideous crime was carried out about 30 miles north of Little Rock when police said the teenagers shot the couple and dumped their bodies in a wooded area nearby.

According  to reports  a 17 yrs old girl who was in the home of Robert and Patricia Cogdell confessed that when the Cogdells were shot, Robert Cogdell didn't die immediately and was 'choking and gurgling' on the floor outside his bedroom.

'She told Justin that he needed to do something about the noise Robert was making and suggested that Robert be put out of his misery,' the affidavit said. 'Justin walked over and shot Robert one or two times.'

Justin staton has some time ago threatening suicide and had become verbally abusive. And his grandparents had once fought him after finding marijuana in his room and $300 missing from his grandfather's wallet.

According to police He has been in the habits of stealing, though he lived with his grandparents but was arrested at his mother's house with $1,540 in a pants pocket.

During one of two interviews with police on July 22, Staton cried a little and said, 'I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did it.'

Both teenager were also charged with two counts each of aggravated robbery, theft of property and abuse of a corpse
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