Stick to your dream

People never believe your dream until you make it real. You are the dreamer and the carrier of the vision no matter how you try to explain or show it to people without a physical prove no one is going to believe except the giver of the dream or vision.  You are the carrier of the vision  and you alone will fufill the mission. The vision helps in fulfilling the mission, when there is no dream then it's like the map is lost,one gets stranded and confused, most times you just do what you see (Walking and Working by sight not by vision/dream).

There is this statement i love so much which says "Stick to what you believe cos it's the source of what you will receive". If you believe in your dream in which of course you should,Stick to it because sooner or later your dream shall be the source of my success, upliftment and breakthrough. Your dream is a Prototype or sample of what the future would be like if you work towards it,it's a guideline to the reality ahead of you. Anyone without a dream is like a magnitude without a direction.

Martin Luther King, Jr once said i have a "Dream" and that dream is what most people hold on to and follow to become a reality, the confession of his dream to the world made them know what he was carrying that was meant to become a reality, that he had a vision and a mission,his dream gave him directions and that's why his speech is still remembered till date. His dream is what so many hold to and wait earnestly for the reality. Some say i have a dream but what i see is bigger than me.

It has to be bigger because it isn't for the present but for the future,on the way to make the dream a reality you are building yourself to carry the final process of the dream. It isn't to be concluded or achieved in a day, it is a gradual process so you are not expected to make it happen in weeks or even months.
Stick to that very dream,carry that specific vision, make a move to fufill the mission, be consistent and believe in what you carry.
Once you can dream it then you can achieve it, if you achieve it then it's a reality, if it's a reality then people can believe your dream.
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