Pay the unemployed to eradicate terrorism

A serious case of joblessness is ravaging Nigeria. This case has metamorphosed into crime and criminality and gave rise to terrorism. Pay the unemployed in Nigeria and watch crime, kidnapping and terrorism disappear. A lot of people desire to work and earn a living but jobs are not available. A greater majority are wallowing in abject poverty while a privileged few are enjoying the good things of life in Nigeria. A greater majority are angry against the privileged few. Add up the equation and the answer will not be far from crime and criminality.

The Nigerian government must wake up to her responsibility and offer a sustainable solution to crime and criminality. The unemployed must receive a stipend monthly to cushion the effect of poverty. Paying N20,000 monthly stipend to the unemployed until they secure employment is not a bad idea. Most Nigerian youths remain idle and broke after university education.  Disillusionment sets in after years of idleness and failure to secure a job with their degree certifications.

 Buhari should be reasonable and pay a stipend to this angry and bitter generation of youths in Nigeria to avert a full blown uncontrollable crises. A youth in this third world country who is sure of N20k monthly, may not really want to consider kidnapping or suicide bombing as an option. The NYSC program is a good example. Have we heard about any serving member of NYSC engaged in crime? Why? Because they are receiving stipend every month to keep body and soul together!

Imagine the number of young people that appeared for that fatal immigration recruitment? The government should have learned a lesson or two from that unfortunate incidence by assessing the mammoth crowd of unemployed youths that turned up for recruitment. When there is civil demonstration for any cause whatsoever, you can always imagine the number of idle people that come out to protest. If the govt replicates payment of corp member allowances to other unemployed persons, Nigeria will achieve significant peace and stability. Paying unemployed persons is the answer to the question of eradication of Boko Haram and other terrorist activities.

 The amnesty commission in the Niger Delta region is another worthy illustration. Immediately the Federal Government commenced payment of stipend to ex militants, bombing and other terrorist activities reduced drastically. Why not learn from what is working to eliminate crime in al the states of Nigeria? Pay every unemployed person a monthly stipend and watch crime disappear. Nigeria can afford it. The poverty here is astronomical. And it's largely due to unemployment. Settling the unemployed financially  is the easiest way to fight crime.

Buhari's administration must employ common sense and settle unemployed persons financially instead of spending billions of dollars on security. If this govt refuses to heed this timely advice, they will continue to spend double amounts of money on security including loss of lives and property. I have found a solution to the lingering insecurity situation in Nigeria. Pay the unemployed, for peace and progress to manifest once again after a long time.  Create a data base for unemployed persons and speedily commence payment of monthly stipend of N20,000 until they secure a job.

That way, the government can heave a sigh of relief from battling Boko Haram, Militants, OPC, Massob, Radio Biafra etc. These groups are all made up of unemployed persons who are using negative medium to vent their anger and frustration on the government of Nigeria. A gainfully employed person will not carry arms against the state. The security of lives and property should top the agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari. Paying the unemployed is the cheapest and simplest formula to achieving a safe and prosperous Nigeria. Creating a comprehensive data base of unemployed persons in Nigeria is the first step.

Uzor Ngoladi is the author of Toxic Eucharist
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